Video #5 – Clearing Up The Relationship

Clearing Up The Relationship
Communication Puzzle

10:25 minutes

In this video:

  • Powerful compassionate communication tools you can use with your lover, your children, your parents, your friends – even at work!
  • A picture that simplifies, clarifies, and greatly reduces the complexity of communication – the four pieces that increase intimacy – and the four pieces that destroy it.
  • How to open the combination lock… that guards your lover’s heart.
  • How to get what you want from your lover in a way that they enjoy giving it to you.
  • Introduction to The 4 Step Method to Instant Intimacy.
  • How old beliefs can be destroying your new relationship.
  • A method of the communicating that helps you avoid misunderstandings, conflicts, arguments and upsets… and allows you to resolve issues.
  • What your comfort zone is – and how it may be damaging your relationship.
  • Another look at the relationship cycle.
  • The difference between primary and secondary emotions, and how secondary emotions can wreck your love life.
  • A common behavior that will almost guarantee you will get what you want from your lover.

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